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Over the last few years, the club has grown from strength to strength and currently holds a very successful winning record, and recently moved into new premises at St Bede's Church in Hull.

However we need your help to become a better club, we are looking for sponsorship, donations or even just help spreading the word that we're here!

Our main aim is to get children off the streets and give them something to do. We know there is rugby, football and other team sports available, but there is nothing like an individual sport like boxing. 

Boxing is a confidence building sport and a sport that drives an individual to do well for themselves if nothing else.

Welcome to East Hull ABC (Amateur Boxing Club)

The East Hull Amateur Boxing Club are based in Hull, East Yorkshire. The club is coached by Sean Ross and a team of fully qualified volunteer Assistant Coaches. As well as training some of the regions most promising up and coming boxers, we also offer a range of fitness classes suitable for everyone.

Further details of our boxing training sessions and fitness classes can be found by visiting the sessions link in the menu.

We have excellent gym/ fitness facilities available for hire during the day.  Please contact the club for details!

Here's a little story about myself (Sean Ross) and why I set this club up.

I for one am a good example for the sport as I played rugby from the age of 9 and went on to play for a very good team at the time; East Hull, where I received the man of the match award on a good number of occasions. I also played football for St.Andrews and was the same there, having received the player of the year award twice.

But that wasn't enough for me as I come from a family of 6 children with not a great deal of attention. I was always in fights at primary school, I was disruptive and generally a bad lad. 

I went through some very tough times at home and it effected my day to day life until I watched Rocky the boxing film. I had finally found my sport; Boxing. I decided to go to St.Mary's ABC at Eastmount Recreation Centre in 1990 where I started my boxing career at the age of 10 years old. Shortly after my friends followed and we all kept out of trouble. I went on to represent St.Mary's Boxing Club for 3 years until it was shut down. Then I was back at a loose end with nothing to do, so started hanging around in gangs and getting up to no good. 

A lot of the times I would stop my friends doing stupid stuff that was too much of a crime so in a way boxing was still in my mind on the respect side. Things took a turn for worse when my mother got cancer and we all had to be fostered out and seperated twice because the cancer came back. This really affected the family.

Times were very hard for my mum and she did all she could to get our bus fairs to go to St.Pauls ABC, where we went on to represent them with a very respectful and successful head coach in Mike Bromby. He was at our side almost like a fatherly figure to me and my brother Stephen Ross as a lot of children with not so good up-bringing was to treat him in that way also. 

So that's a bit of why East Hull ABC was formed for the benefit of everybody in the East Hull area, to do a sport they are interested in.

A woman doing boxercise

We are so proud of all our boxers, they have hearts like lions and all will go very far in life as I always stress in training. You get out what you put in, and that goes for anything in life in everything you do give 100%. There is so much more I could say. I could write a book on why boxing benefits in these areas.


But for now, let me thank you for visiting our web site to find out more about us, have a look around and hopefully you may even decide to pay us a visit at the club, or just get in touch.

Sean Ross - Head Coach, East Hull ABC.

Aims and Objectives of East Hull ABC

The Club has a constitution in line with the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) to which it is a member and affiliated. Its aims and objectives as a club are to:- 

  • To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in Amateur Boxing.
  • To promote the club within the local community and Boxing.
  • East Hull ABC regularly take part in, support and attend external boxing/training events including boxing/sparring exhibitions and competitions to the General Public.
  • To provide Boxing/Fitness Training to the Local Community, Sports Organisations, Individuals, Schools and Colleges.
  • To encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle through the provision of equipment and training.
  • To encourage young people to achieve excellence, self confidence, self achievement, promote peer support as well as enable capacity building to take place between allies through working in partnership with established organisations through informal outreach work.
  • To have an impact on the local community outcomes through the provision of displacement activities for young people.
  • To nurture pride in the local community through success in sport.
  • To provide a safe environment for young people to train and feel secure and we particularly aspire to work with any young person who is vulnerable to anti-social behaviour or who might otherwise succumb to engaging in criminal activity by keeping them focused in sport.
  • To offer a sense of belonging to young people with a focus on achievement self discipline, self respect and organic self regulation.
  • Working with the the local community to promote our outreach work and ensure that they are aware of young peoples achievements in order to bring cohesion between the club and the immediate community.
  • To celebrate personal journey and/or small success in order to promote self esteem and confidence. In addition the club plays an integral link between partner agencies externally and works closely with them.
  • To promote the well being of young members of the club both physically and emotionally through training, mentoring, peer support and the clubs welfare support system.
  • Continue to build on the collaboration of both the knowledge base and practical skills of the staff team in order to enhance the quality of the club further. Training and development for all committee members and volunteers is available without charge.